“OK, we did not go through the instructions and we didn’t do the monthly maintenance check and we had difficulty in opening the door. It only went up halfway. We are grateful that no one complained about our misuse, no one fussed about regular maintenance. The guys just came and fixed it in half an hour. I actually was not late for work (well I did leave them to fix the issue and do the maintenance after getting my car out).” – Simone Grimes

“I had a side-swinging-single-panel garage door. Not being an expert I could see all the room being wasted. Half of the place was there to facilitate the door! Thanks to the installers. They advised me what to chose. I chose, they installed, it’s great. I now have something like 5 m. of new storage space, just by changing my garage door. My tools, my oil, my junk have a place to go.” – Mark Weinberger

“My guest bedroom is right above our garage. Having sleeping guests and taking out the car were things that were not possible. We changed the garage door, just because it broke down and fixing it was more expensive than changing it. We got one perk, though. Now opening and closing the garage door is inconspicuous. It’s like opening and closing your bedroom door. Our sleep-over guests can now really sleep over … the garage, that is ;)Thanks guys. You are a dear.” – Lillian Storm